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RPiTC 3 Documentation/Locking Down
30-09-2016, 02:44 AM,
RPiTC 3 Documentation/Locking Down
The documentation listed for RPiTC2 is helpful for configuring the pi, but it's missing a section on locking down/securing the environment.
For example I don't want a menu showing up for the end user with shortcuts to configuration files for the remote desktop server addresses.
Also, I was having issues with docky, so I've removed it and installed plank which is working well.
Only problem is - without a menu or a xfce panel they can't logout or reboot.
So I thought I'd edit the menu and remove everything except the RDP client, firefox and the logout option.
Okay that kinda works but I'd much prefer to create a launcher icon on docky or plank that called the xfce4 session shutdown dialog.
Also, now I've removed all menu items - I can't access the settings editor or menu editor or terminal to launch it.
I've tried to see if I can restore the default menu by googling it for xfce4, but the instructions point to restoring a menu.xml file and paths that don't exist on this RPiTC installation =(

Anyway, in my mind a good improvement on the whole setup would be the inclusion of lockdown options in the RPiTC builder, and after applied and rebooted it defaults to that kiosk like environment, and the SHIFT+K or whatever is used to switch to admin mode where one can relaunch the builder to make changes.
21-09-2017, 02:39 PM,
RE: RPiTC 3 Documentation/Locking Down
For my part, I managed to lock it down thanks to that great video :

Good luck.

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