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rpi 3 wifi issue
27-03-2017, 02:44 PM,
rpi 3 wifi issue
i installed all wifi drives with rpitc builder
and enabled the wireless with rpitc builder too
every thing installed well

also i put these line into interface file too

auto wlan0
allow-hotplug wlan0

iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wpa-ssid "ssid"
wpa-psk "password"

but now the wpa-gui dont show any adapter and scan dont show any connection
how can i set up and run wireless on my systems?!
27-03-2017, 11:21 PM,
RE: rpi 3 wifi issue
It's not working for me also. Same like some other functions: xfreerdp usb redirection, xfreerdp keep up, VNC server and some other minor things. Nevertheless good job keep it up.
12-04-2017, 10:36 AM,
RE: rpi 3 wifi issue

im sorry that you are facing some major issues.
Do you both try to get the build in RPi3 Wifi to get working?

@Dmitry: Could you open an additional thread about the other issues with some details?

Regards Dawast
-= Feel Free to use the Search function in the upper right corner =-
10-08-2017, 07:25 AM,
RE: rpi 3 wifi issue
Was this thread ever linked to another or resolved?

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