Full Version: Forum lost password retrieval not working
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Hello Admin,

Is there something with with the forum lost password retrival function? I tried several times last night and numerous times today. I never get the email. Deosn't goto spam nor inbox. Its the same email I used during the initial registration process and I got that one just fine.
Thankfully my work computer is still signed onto the forum or I wouldn't be able to send this.

Could you please check.

As of this morning, it still does not work. Says it sends to my email but never gets there. Neither inbox or spam.
Hi Airwolf,

seems that there is currently a problem with the email function.
We are working on a solution.
I let you know once the problem is resolved.

regards dawast
The problem should be fixed.
You can now use the "lost password" function.
Thanks for the report.

Regards DaWast
Thanks DaWast. Confirmed it is working now. I got the reset email almost immediately.

Appreciate it.