Full Version: VMWare View Client
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I tray to start the View Client, and i can Log me in to the Connection Server and see my Pool of VM.
But if i try to connect the VM, dissapear the screen and nothing happen.

what can be the problem?

There is no PCoIP support for RaspberryPi 1, on RaspberryPi 2 board this will work
Load the client and go into file / preferences and make sure

Do not verify server identity certificates is selected.

It will work after that on a Raspberry PI 2.

Our VMware server has the correct certs, but the client doesn't see it that way for some reason.

I saw that the Raspberry1 is not yet supported in version 3.2 (with PCoIP ), but do you intend to release in future PCoIP for Rasp1? If no, can you send me the source so I can try to compile ?
I really need to make this version work in rasp1.

Thank U.