Full Version: PROBLEM: the display protocol for this desktop is currently not available
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i'm making some tests, but when i try to connect on my vm i have the following error

Quote:the display protocol for this desktop is currently not available

on windows the vm work correctly.

any ideas? Huh
What protocol are you using to connect with, VMware View, rdesktop. Please give as much detail as you can. If you are using a script please post the contents of the script. Have you confirmed that your instruction works from the terminal or the shortcut Gibbio has provided on the desktop first?

The more detail you can give us the better we'll be able to assist you. Smile
hi, thanks for your reply

i'm using vmware view
but i think its is a problem of my raspy it is the b+ v1... if i read well the vmware problem are fixed on the new raspberry quad core version on the beta iso
the vmware server administrator suggest me to use RDT protocol
how can try this? Huh
I'm not familiar with RDT protocol...are you sure the vmware server administrator didn't say "RDP Protocol"?
Perhaps they mean for you to use rdesktop (which uses RDP protocol).

If RDT protocol is something related to VMware (sorry, I don't have VMware in my office) then ignore me and hopefully someone will jump in to assist you.
i just order the new raspy and i test it again with the new beta image