Full Version: VMware Horizon Client cannot execute
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Hi all,

When I try to launch VMware Horizon Client (4.2) on the RPi-TC v3 1.11 nothing appears. When I try to execute the vmware-view I got this message : "cannot execute binary file:Exec format error".

Can anyone help me ?
"cannot execute binary file:Exec format error" means that you are executing a binary file builded for a different architecture than the host.
Yeah I know that but I can't understand why cause I install the client from the builder. After that I try to install with the bundle from the VMware's site. But always the same.
You are using the RPiTC 3 OS on a Raspberry Pi 2/3 board?
Yes 3.11 version on a raspberry pi 2.
It works with your last update !

Thanks Smile