Full Version: rdesktop sound problem
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Hi all,

I use rdesktop for terminal session. it starts fine but i have problem with sound. i does not work properly. is there any way to debug what happens or log somewhere.

when rasberry pi starts it opens xterm and after that xterm starts rdesktop.

Rasberry pi 2 model b

logon script:

sleep 3
/usr/bin/rdesktop -g 1920x1080 -f -r sound:local:alsa:default -d mydomain -u myuser -p 'myuserpassword' -D

i also tried only -r sound:local but same problem. device sound working. i tested it with vlc

Please help
Hi, what do you mean with sound does not work porperly?
No sound or bad quality?
And do you want audio via hdmi or 3,5 jack?

you can also try xfreerdp