Full Version: configuration reset after reboot
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When I reboot my Raspberry Pi after configure hostname, keymap or other,
my configuration is reset.

I have the RPi-TC ARMv6j Release 5.

Can you help me?


PS: Sorry, I'm french and my English is not very good
Hi sulfur82,

could you please check that the "lock" switch on your SD Card is not on the "lock" position?
If it is on "lock" it will make the sd card write protected and no changes will be saved permanently.

regards dawast
Hi DaWast,

"lock" switch on SD Card is on the "unlock" position.

I had install Realease 4 and it works expect the hostname
that is very strange! Seem / is mounted in readonly mode, home folder (and .config) is not cleaned during reboot. Anyway to disable the hostname changer just edit /etc/init.d/ and remove lines 23,24 and 25:
do_start () {
#MAC="$(cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Serial | awk '{print substr($3,9)}')"
#echo rpitc-"$MAC" > /etc/hostname
#echo localhost rpitc-"$MAC" > /etc/hosts
[ -f /etc/hostname ] && HOSTNAME="$(cat /etc/hostname)"