Full Version: Error in Citrix Receiver : the x request 62.0 caused error 8 badmatch
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Using RPi-TC ARMv6j Release 5.

When logging into the XenApp Webpage I get our Published application, but then the below error pops-up when moving the login screen around

the x request 62.0 caused error 8 badmatch (invalid parameter attributes)

[Image: 2ufsl5e.png]

Anyone has an solution ?
Hi qrt,

could you try the Citrix Receiver 13?
You can install the new client with "apt-get install icaclient"
After the client is installed start the new receiver from command line with "selfservice".

regards dawast
the error is related to the different color depth between client and server profile.
Change the colour dept of published citrix desktop from max/automatic to 16bit

Or as DaWast say try the v13 release Smile
I changed to Full Screen instead of Seamless and that fixed the problem