Full Version: Unable to boot (no ACT light)
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Hi there,

I'm new to RPi and recently bought one because I want to test out as a Citrix thin client.

I've gotten the RPi version B with 512MB. Downloaded the latest RPITC image from your site and followed the instruction to build the SD card using Win32DiskImage.

Problem being when I plug in the SD card, while the PWR LED is ON, the ACT LED came up for a split second and stopped. Nothing is showing on the screen.

I thought it could be a faulty RPi however using the same SD card, I've managed to boot up to NOOBS.

Can someone assist? Perhaps I missed couple of steps here?

Hi Rossi,

have you tried first to insert the SD Card and then connect the Power to the RPI?
How is your Screen connected? HDMI or VGA-Adapter?
Can you try to use another SD Card and if you are using a microSD so please try another MicroSD-Adapter as well.

Regards dawast
I have the same problem
I use HDMI connected

but i use RPi-TC_ARMv6j_R4.img can boot

and How to use RJ45 eth0?