Full Version: RPD won´t work
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please excuse my bad language.
It´s not my favourite :-)

I have installed RPi-TC ARMv6j Release 5 on my Raspberry and will connect via freerdp to a Windows 8 Client.

On the W8 client is RDP activated in the control panel and the RDP Port 3389 is open in the Router.

By using the command freerdp /u username /p password v/, i get only the error message "protocol security negotation or connection failure".

But i can ping the w8 client from the raspberry with no problems.

I have tried to put the raspberry and w8 client into a local network and also to connect both over the router.

Is there any Guide to this project, which documents how to use it correctly or any help?
Hi Alucard290,

i don't think your problem is rpitc related.
My guess is that there i something wrong in your connection.
To open a port in the router is not everything that has to be done.
You have to route/nat the packages to the internal ip as well as configure both firewalls correctly (on the router and the destination system.
Also a ping is in what you discribe not realy a sign that is should work.

Have you tried to telnet to the destination ip on port 3389?
If everything is set up correctly you should get this output:

# telnet 3389
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Otherwise it will show you something like this:

# telnet 3389
telnet: connect to address Connection refused


telnet 3389
telnet: connect to address Connection timed out

Also you have to make sure that your W8 will allow connections without NLA auth.
For this you have to untick "allow connections only from computers running remote desktop with network level authentication" in the rdp settings.

Regards dawast
great reply dawast... that's exactly what I would suggest too. the NLP setting is easy to miss some times!