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Model B+ and Thin client ? - Airwolf - 22-10-2014

Hey guys, My first post here. I love the attention and possibilities this Pi gives. I work in a IT department and have to often setup and tear down PC's when auditors come in. It would be so nice to setup Pi thin clients and then attach to Windows VM's via rdp. I don't yet have a Pi and that's the reason of my post.

I read there were some issues with the B+ and it seems that back in Sept it was stated there was going to be support for the B+ in the near future. As of today, I don't see in the forums here or on the blog that B+ is supported yet. Can you please clarify for me. If not should I opt for the old B version?


RE: Model B+ and Thin client ? - admin - 23-10-2014

All RaspberryPi boards (also B+) are now supported in RPi-TC X release. For rdp only you can take a look also at the Sand Brow dFreeRDP release here:

RE: Model B+ and Thin client ? - Airwolf - 27-10-2014

Hello admin,

I got my B+ on Saturday and loaded the .img from the blog page. I have it at work today to test it. It works fantastic with terminal server. The speed between screens is almost instant. About like a regular PC. I just have the B+ connected via ethernet for now. I couldn't get the Wifi working with the dongle that came with the B+ starter kit. The OS isn't detecting it. Either I need to try a different dongle or mess with drivers. Although I'm pretty weak with Linux.

I still have to try the Sand Brow dFreeRDP. I think that will be my next step. I'm just using the RDP's that were stock on the .img Ideally I want to be able to figure out how to turn on the Pi and it boot right to RDP without first going to the Linux desktop and having to launch.


RE: Model B+ and Thin client ? - admin - 28-10-2014

For the WiFi try to use the standard Raspberry kernel. To do that modify this line in your config.txt:
and put kernel=kernel-std.img

RE: Model B+ and Thin client ? - Airwolf - 29-10-2014

Hello. Thanks for the the lead on getting the Wifi working. I will work on this part this weekend.

I tested some more today with the Pi thin client connected to our Terminal Server at work. Still working amazing. Very fast and no crashes. I decided to test the audio. I connected some speakers to the audio jack of the B+. I got less than desirable results. The audio is crackly, choppy and pops. This isn't a show stopper if we take this to the next level and roll them out. It would be nice though. I'll do a bit of research. If you know of something to try, please let me know.


RE: Model B+ and Thin client ? - suranajack - 14-03-2015

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