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have zenity installed by default - sloth - 31-10-2014


I want to suggest that you install "zenity" by default into the rpi-tc image.

With it you can ask your users for their credentials in nicely looking promt instead of cli input.
Im using it to ask the User for their creds to login to a win 2012 TS over RDP

example command would be
xfreerdp /v:[targetFQND] /f /u:$(zenity --entry --title="Username" --text="Please enter Username:") /p:$(zenity --entry --title="Password" --text="Please enter password:" --hide-text) /d:[domain] /f /cert-ignore

at "/u" it prompts with a input window similar to this:
[Image: EzYaF.png]

at "/p" its the same, but --hide-text actually hides the input with asterisks

I think its more suited for a production environment where users expect a certain useability.