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gpu raspberry - hidaba - 13-11-2013

Can I use the GPU to improve the refresh with rdp?

I'd like use for a thin client but it's too slow and cpu go to 100%

RE: gpu raspberry - kippi - 13-11-2013

There are many technologies of which you can use on the server side to get accelerated gfx for the virtual OS. RemoteFX (Microsoft Hyper-V), PCI Passthrough (Xen) and HDX (Xen Server). But you will need valid system for the server. Direct I/O VT-D is required for PCI passthrough and for all the technologies i mentioned. Someone correct my answer if i'm wrong.

My goal is to test RemoteFX and HDX with Intel Core i7-4770/16Gb/2x GeForce GTX 770 system.