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rdesktop sound problem - David Macharashvili - 14-03-2018

Hi all,

I use rdesktop for terminal session. it starts fine but i have problem with sound. i does not work properly. is there any way to debug what happens or log somewhere.

when rasberry pi starts it opens xterm and after that xterm starts rdesktop.

Rasberry pi 2 model b

logon script:

sleep 3
/usr/bin/rdesktop -g 1920x1080 -f -r sound:local:alsa:default -d mydomain -u myuser -p 'myuserpassword' -D

i also tried only -r sound:local but same problem. device sound working. i tested it with vlc

Please help

RE: rdesktop sound problem - DaWast - 20-03-2018

Hi, what do you mean with sound does not work porperly?
No sound or bad quality?
And do you want audio via hdmi or 3,5 jack?


RE: rdesktop sound problem - DaWast - 20-03-2018

you can also try xfreerdp