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RPiTC 4 - tomeu mind2cloud - 27-09-2019

I was trying to install RPiTC 3 in my pi 4 but it won't boot. when can we enjoy this thin client on pi4?

RE: RPiTC 4 - Michael Krasselt - 08-11-2019

i got it working by putting the sd into an rpi3 b (without plus)
installing raspiconfig,
enlarging sd card image and then runing rpi-update with installs the newest arm kernels

RE: RPiTC 4 - Jérome Djé - 19-11-2019

Somebody else got this working?

I tried making a fresh install of raspbian10 but the performances in both freerdp-x11 and rdesktop are awful Undecided

And I tried A LOT of things to update rpitc from debian9 to debian10 (like the example above) but haven't find a way to do it properly...

RE: RPiTC 4 - Alec Kempendorf - 28-11-2019

(tied with 3b and 3b+)

First updatet all packages and os, installed raspi-config and ran rpi-update. But since i rebooted, the image doesn´t boot anymore. It does not boot on any Pi (3b, 3b+ nor 4).

When doing rpi-update i receive a warning about kernel modifications.

Does anyone around here know about other ways to get the Horizon Client running on a Pi 4? (Except for tlxos and strato)

@Michael Krasselt
Is there anything else you did?
If there any chance you could share your image?