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Error when using applications in Citrix - Jose Restrepo - 28-03-2014

The X Request 72.0 Caused Error: "8:BadMatch (invalid Parameter Attributes)"

I did some research and see some people saying this could be related to different color resolution on the RPI and my XenApp environment.

tried changing the Resolution of my XenApp VM and that doesnt make a difference.

i see i can change the setting in the citrix config on the RPi but not sure hoow else or if this is the correct solution.

Any help would be grately appreciated.

the RPI is connected to a monitor at 1280x1024

RE: Error when using applications in Citrix - admin - 13-05-2014

Yes, is a know error, try to change the Color Depth of the RaspberryPi. Here how to change it: (param to change/add is framebuffer_depth


Open APP Center > Applications > (You App) > Properties > Appearance > Color (pick 16)

Login In, Choose display and downgrade the color depth.

If you want to have a perfect setup place the Client Receiver also using 16 bit. You can do this right from the Citrix XenAPP > display menu.