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x86 Thin Client release - Gibbio - 06-11-2013

Creating custom distro under x86 architechture is quite simple compared to ARM :-P
This ThinClient distro can be used as a Live USB Distro (you can use LiLi USB Creator to create a bootable USB pendrive) or burned into an dvd or hd.

What inside this x86 ThinClient live distro?
- Xubuntu 13.04 raring i386 release w/ Kernel 3.8.0-30
- VMWare View Client 1.7.0
- Citrix Receiver 12.1
- vWorkspaces 7.6
- X2GO Client
- NoMachine 4.0.314
- ThinLinc 4.1.0
- Tarantella 4.20.909
- Remote Viewer 0.57
- Remmina
- Other terminal connection like Putty, x3270, tn3550 and more
- ssh and vnc server enabled by default
- conky info on screen
- default user: armtc pass: armtc

Download here or here

RE: x86 Thin Client release - jayHub - 13-12-2013

what would it take to make a citrix only version of this and if citrix receiver is a 32 bit app, is there any point in making a 64 bit version.

RE: x86 Thin Client release - sabe - 11-01-2014

What are the minimum HW reqs? I'm interested in memory/CPU.


RE: x86 Thin Client release - sabe - 14-01-2014

Is it possible to include Remmina 1.0 with FreeRDP? that beats rdesktop.

RE: x86 Thin Client release - Alex Apostolidis - 14-01-2014

is it safe to run apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade on this release? basically I wanted to use the latest Citrix Receiver Smile


RE: x86 Thin Client release - Gibbio - 15-01-2014

Yes, absolutely safe to update and install package from standard ubuntu channel!

RE: x86 Thin Client release - jayHub - 15-04-2014

WPA_gui will only work if I run it as root. I know I need to change its permissions but I cannot figure out where or to what.

I have tried adding the user to the NetDev group but that did not work.
Any ideas would be extremely appreciated.