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100% cpu activity - Gert V. - 31-01-2014

I'm pretty new to Linux, but I managed to get wifi and citrix going. But I ran into a problem: the cpu activity is constantly high, mostly 100%. This affects performance, naturally, but being new to all this, I 've no idea how to solve this problem.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Gert.

RE: 100% cpu activity - DaWast - 31-01-2014

Hi Gert V.

what process claims the cpu usage and is it also when idle?
You can run "top" from the terminal.
This will show you all running processes and their usage.

In normal working behavior it could be normal when the cpu usage is high.
Especially when you are working with citrix.

Regards DaWast

RE: 100% cpu activity - Gert V. - 31-01-2014

Thanks for the reply. It is also 100% when idle. Strangely enough the CPU-usage dropped a bit (to 86% or so) temporarlily when I was starting up the LX terminal or Iceweasel.
But I'll run "top" tonight when I'm home again and report on that.

Regards, Gert

RE: 100% cpu activity - Gert V. - 31-01-2014

Home early, so I've run "top" in the terminal. I see a total off 60-62 tasks, it changes every couple of seconds, up to 4 running: lxsession, rcu_preempt, top, ksoftirqd/0. The %CPU of the lxsession is around 30%, rcu_preempt 1%, ksoftirqd/0 1%,top 1,3%.
So as far as I get it, non of the running tasks claim 100%, not even added together, but in the desktop there's still CPU 100%. Hope this gives an insight, if there's more info needed I'll be happy to provide.
Best regards, Gert

RE: 100% cpu activity - ricande - 20-03-2014


I had the same problem after updating the os (apt-get update). So i did a clean install.
Now it work perfectly. However, i will never do an update again! Wink