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rdesktop performance
15-03-2015, 11:22 AM,
RE: rdesktop performance
rdesktop like freerdp in raspberry board (and most of all other arm boards) render the video/audio streams just by using the cpu, no help come from the gpu (there is no X video driver). Citrix or VMWare client use some advanced coding feature (or protocol) that slim down the work needed to decode the video/audio stream on the client so the user experience is better. It´s like to use Linux on your old x86 computer without Intel/nvidia/ati driver, it´s working but choppy.
There is some way to use gpu in arm board for example:
Odroid and Allwinner boards with Mali gpu have their own driver that integrate 2D accelerated architecture
TI/OMAP SoC come with enanched gstreamer encoder/decoder and that can be used to decode stream from freerdp (--plugin drdynvc --data tsmf:decoder:gstreamer).
Nvidia Tegra x1 SoC it´s a monster... better than most of the current console/pc...
Raspberry? Raspberry didnt have a true X11 driver (no source code/blobs from Broadcom=no linux/android video driver) but you can still use the old (but working very well) Frame Buffer video acceleration (dFreeRDP)

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