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dfreeRDP screen artifacting (w/ pics)
02-02-2016, 07:15 PM,
dfreeRDP screen artifacting (w/ pics)

I work for a medium size global manufacturing company and here at our U.S. branch, we are trying to implement the raspiTC in order to allow users to remote in to their desktops from the conference room. We have found the only RDP client with acceptable speed to be dFreeRDP. I created a script which I attached a picture of. The point of the script is to change the dfreerdp.server file to the user's desktop, named 'gus-Dxxx' (where xxx is the users desktop number). This way, the user does not have to edit the dfreerdp.server file manually (this would be way too complex for them).

Here is my question: I have tried everything under the sun to get these screen artifacts to disappear. Nine times out of ten, within the first few seconds of logging in to their desktop from dfreerdp, the screen turns into an 'etch-a-sketch' mode, where you can see the entire RPITC desktop, but when you move the mouse, the trail shows the current remote session. I attached a picture for reference, because it is hard to describe. I thought maybe it was the terminal trying to output messages, which could cause this, but even after attempting to suppress the messages with 'nohup' in the command, it still happens. I am lost and I want to be able to use this OS because it truly is thin and fast for our project managers and engineers. I appreciate your time!

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dfreeRDP screen artifacting (w/ pics) - by disturbedfuel15 - 02-02-2016, 07:15 PM

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