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Enhancement: Send web video to omxplayer
03-09-2014, 09:33 PM,
Enhancement: Send web video to omxplayer
Embedded video players for iceweasel (and others, probably) do a poor job of rendering INTERNET streaming video on the Raspberry Pi. They simply require too much resource, and the result is generally 1fpm if you get anything at all.

There have been several little projects which enable the playing of streaming video on the Raspberry Pi, generally by vectoring the request to omxplayer.

Since attempting to play video from a Windows system via RDP isn't any better, integrating the ability to have an RDP connection to a terminal server for office apps, and a separate web browser with the necessary magic to enable playing of streaming video would be a great combination. It would be a thin client in most regards, but a fat client for video, offloading the terminal server and making for a better experience.

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