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Sweet Raspberry Pi Media Case
16-01-2015, 02:57 AM,
Sweet Raspberry Pi Media Case
Hi Everyone,

Just want to preface this with the statement that I don't work
for sbcshop...just found this recently and thought I would share.

  • 5v 3A of power.
  • Has a daughterboard of sorts that re-routes all cabling and connection ports to the back (adds two more USB ports which is handy).
  • Includes a power button as well.
  • SD Card sticks out the front of the box so you can easily remove insert without opening the case.
Looks very clean to me..I'm considering buying one for my thin clients and vesa mounting it to the back of my monitor.

I spoke to sbcshop and they are not continuing with the production of these boards (hence the reason for limited in the name I guess) for the Raspberry Pi B but will be creating a new MediaPi case for the B+ (no date on when).


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