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rdesktop performance
14-03-2015, 11:52 PM,
rdesktop performance
hey guys,

I've been testing RDP performance into my desktop machine connected with 1gb LAN. I've got an ASUS rt-68u router, w/ AC1900.

I tried connecting directly into the ethernet port and using all the Rdesktop switches -x m -P -z , etc. and I still can't get that good of video playback through youtube. I figured it might have been a ethernet thing, so I picked up a TP-Link 725N wifi adapter and installed it... i'm not seeing better performance with it either...

Any ideas what i can do to increase bandwidth so i can stream video through rdesktop better?

15-03-2015, 02:08 AM,
RE: rdesktop performance
I wouldn't suggest the Pi Thin Client for any type of video streaming using rdesktop. Perhaps if you were using Spice or another protocol (I don't have any experience with VMware View or Citrix and video straming) it might be better.

This post lists the settings I've found to work best in our office for rdesktop connections to our Virtual Machines - but we have no need to stream video to our Pi Thin Clients so performance wise the Pi Thin Client is adequate for our needs.

But the creator of rpitc is very active on these forums and always making changes to improve the O/S. Hopefully He will jump in here and make some comments on performance.
15-03-2015, 11:22 AM,
RE: rdesktop performance
rdesktop like freerdp in raspberry board (and most of all other arm boards) render the video/audio streams just by using the cpu, no help come from the gpu (there is no X video driver). Citrix or VMWare client use some advanced coding feature (or protocol) that slim down the work needed to decode the video/audio stream on the client so the user experience is better. It´s like to use Linux on your old x86 computer without Intel/nvidia/ati driver, it´s working but choppy.
There is some way to use gpu in arm board for example:
Odroid and Allwinner boards with Mali gpu have their own driver that integrate 2D accelerated architecture
TI/OMAP SoC come with enanched gstreamer encoder/decoder and that can be used to decode stream from freerdp (--plugin drdynvc --data tsmf:decoder:gstreamer).
Nvidia Tegra x1 SoC it´s a monster... better than most of the current console/pc...
Raspberry? Raspberry didnt have a true X11 driver (no source code/blobs from Broadcom=no linux/android video driver) but you can still use the old (but working very well) Frame Buffer video acceleration (dFreeRDP)
16-03-2015, 03:54 PM,
RE: rdesktop performance
Ah thanks for the replies!! Smile I forgot to mention im using a Pi 2 too...

So it sounds like to remedy the issue I would have to do it with software, increasing network bandwidth to stream the video smoother isn't possible with Pi2? I find it wierd that i speedtest to network servers at like 10mbits, but I should be able to get 100 out with that network adapter and my internet connection... makes me think theres some kind of hardware limitation or software limitation?
17-03-2015, 06:57 PM,
RE: rdesktop performance
I just bought an ODROID-C1, i'll post my results Smile

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