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vmware-view user-proof thin terminal based on RPi TC 1.4
22-06-2016, 02:33 PM,
RE: vmware-view user-proof thin terminal based on RPi TC 1.4
It looks like the issue I was having is related to PCOIP vs RDP. The RPITC3_Alpha does not give me the options to change the connection type like on the RPITC_r1.99 version
15-09-2016, 03:28 AM,
RE: vmware-view user-proof thin terminal based on RPi TC 1.4
I do not do it you can tell me img file is not
thank you very much
I personally do not make for commercial purposes
My email :
02-02-2017, 02:15 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-02-2017, 12:12 PM by Walter Stemberger.)
RE: vmware-view user-proof thin terminal based on RPi TC 1.4
I am here again. Sorry for the long absence :-)

The previously described RPITC2 vmware VDI client finally returned from the enduser desk to my office, so I can make the image, I mostly deleted all the "local or private" data.
This image is working only on Raspberry Pi2.

My "real world" impressions:
1. It is necessary to implement a shutdown/poweron button to put it on the enduser desk.
2. There are seldom some filesystem corruptions. fsck on a linux system and it is working again, but it is a disturbance to the enduser (and the system administrator :-( ). To use a approach like the Live CD/DVD in which the SD is not written?

I used successfully a lot of my suggestions at the top of this thread to do the same on a new Raspberry Pi 3 client and it is working, still with some "but":

1. I still did not success in implementing a loop behavior to recover when some component of the X system is broken, as in previous one.

It seems that I had resolved the issue, where some X crashes bring the login screen on X:

Changing the parameter in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf to:


the session is autostarted and the autologon to rpitc is done, bringing the vmware-view again without needs to enter userid/password.

2. The VDI Windows 10 default cursor without shadow is not displayed properly on the RPITC View client, but just enabling the shadow in Windows settings all is OK again.
3. "Stealing" the VM logged-in on the RPITC3 client with one monitor to a Wise with two monitors is not working well (opposite to doing the same with the windows Horizon Cient). The second monitor is not activated, the cursor is positioned wrongly and limited on a right half of the monitor. Just disconnecting (using a blue Wise button) and reconnecting and all is working again as expected. Since this "mobility" is not usual to most of our VDI users, this is not a real problem.
4. script and maccaddress script are not working when both interfaces (eth and wifi) are on, you have to add "-m 1" option to grep only the first one from the list
5. USB redirection (at least with the simple USB stick) is working. The camera (Logitech C170) is redirected (after the USB reconfiguration of allowVideo and AllowAudio to True), but it is black, the USB microphone on the camera is working. I have to test other USB devices.
08-05-2017, 12:25 PM,
RE: vmware-view user-proof thin terminal based on RPi TC 1.4

Do you have something similar based on the last RPiTC v3 1.12 image?

With this image, i can't find almost any file (/etc/vmware/view-mandatory-config , /usr/bin/ ).

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