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RPiTC OS with VMware ESXI
15-12-2015, 06:17 PM,
RPiTC OS with VMware ESXI
At home and at work we work/play with a VMware ESXI server.

i can't connect to my server with VMWare Horizon.

can it work ?
what realy horizon ?
that is the client side for connect to a virtual machinne ?

that is a lot of question, maybe RPiTC is not realy that i need.

15-12-2015, 06:33 PM,
RE: RPiTC OS with VMware ESXI
VMWare Horizon Client is used to connect to the VMWare Horizon Infrastructure.
The ESXi Server is "just" the hypervisor (type2 i think) and to connect to the ESXi VM you have to use the vSphere client (windows or webbrowser) or setup on the vm some remote connection (rdp, vnc, X etc).

If you want to connect to your VM with the RPiTC you have first to setup on the ESXi VM some remote connection software (like NoMachine, VNC, ThinLinc, RDP, SPICE etc) and then use the corresponding client software on RPiTC.

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