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Can't create forum account?
03-05-2016, 10:35 PM,
Can't create forum account?
I tried to register an account on here with several different e-mails and I got an error every time stating something along the lines of 'our systems detected that you might be a spammer so your registration request was denied'. I had no problem creating an account when using Google+ authentication, but registering a basic account seems broken at the moment. I should note that the e-mail I used initially is the same as this account, and it worked fine when registering with Google+.

Just thought I'd note it =)
23-06-2016, 11:10 AM,
RE: Can't create forum account?
I've had the same issue, thanks for the tip Wink
27-11-2016, 12:16 PM,
RE: Can't create forum account?
Despite the forum antispam module spammers keep to post spam, so we just disable new registration... and... its working! No more spam!! LOL Smile

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