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Right Click Menu
16-03-2018, 09:08 PM,
Right Click Menu

So I am messing with this for a pilot idea at work for cheaper / smaller Thin Clients for our VDI Environment. I got it setup and configured and it works to connect to our Horizon environment and desktop configured from other guides.

But a last thing I did was to remove the right click menu, and without thinking I had already killed the Docky one for settings.

I can ssh to the box, so curious from command line I can do to either bring the Docky back or add back the Right click functionality back until I work out a better option as I can now not get into settings at all.

Goal overall I figure would be to be able to login with a different user that has settings option and the default auto login be locked down like this where the user can only access the View Env.

20-03-2018, 06:15 PM,
RE: Right Click Menu
You can lock the right click in the options.
That's the case for us, rpitc account has autologin but the only thing he can do is connecting to the remote server.
No right click, either on Docky or desktop.
The only way to unlock it is to use the root account via ssh or using a keyboard combination to logoff.

BUt I'm not sure I'm answering your question.
05-04-2018, 09:58 PM,
RE: Right Click Menu
not sure how you went about removing docky. if you just unchecked the startup script through the gui menu and then locked out the right click menu, you could try alt+f3 to bring up a search (bypassing the right click) and then going back to the startup menu to re-enable docky. If you want to disable/reenable the context menu when you right click on docky, the easiest way would be to install gconf-editor and change the settings. I can't remember if I posted how to do this a while back but I know it's documented in this forum somewhere. If that's what you meant, then let me know and I can post more detail on how to use gconf-editor to edit docky through a gui.

As far as changing it from an ssh connection, I can't remember if the original scripts folder had a script for adding and removing docky or just addind and removing apps to docky. if you want to check the scripts out, they are in /opt/scripts/. not sure if that will help or not. If you still end up stuck, can you elaborate a little more on what settings you changed on docky and how?

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