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Low bandwidth connection
11-04-2014, 01:51 AM,
Low bandwidth connection
Hi Guys,
I'm using a PI over a slowish connection between the client and the server. It is a 1 mbps shared connection so it isn't too bad.

I notice when I drag a window it re-draws the full window while it is moving not just the outline.

I think the low bandwidth settings are called desktop experience in the windows native RDP client.

Is there any way to customise the Raspberry Pi's RDP client for lower bandwidth connections.

(I did search the forum but didn't find any results)

13-05-2014, 12:03 PM,
RE: Low bandwidth connection
Ummm try this options: (taken from
Enabling compression (-z) and disabling mouse events (-m) will reduce network bandwidth and can make the connection much more responsive:
rdesktop -z -m
Disabling all eye-candy desktop graphics (e.g. transparency, themes) will also optimize the connection:
rdesktop -x m
Enable persistent bitmap caching (-P) to buffer frequently used graphics on the screen. Connection time takes slightly longer, but it reduces network traffic conserving bandwidth:
rdesktop -P
Using a smaller color palette helps reduce network bandwidth:
rdesktop -a 16

If you use xfreerdp there is similar options
14-05-2014, 06:48 AM,
RE: Low bandwidth connection
Hi There,
Unfortunately I had to take it out of service and replace it with a Wyse Thin Client at 10 times the price.
I'll keep this as a pet project and hopefully be able to reintroduce it into production at some later stage.
Some of the options you suggest I had already implemented. Not sure about all of them.
I wouldn't have done colour palette one. If that is only 16 colours it wouldn't be suitable but 256 colours would probably be enough.
They want to use fairly big 24" wide screens and then alt tab between apps so they are asking a lot.
The Wyse will have dual monitors so there won't be so much alt tabbing. Shame we can't yet run dual monitors on the PI (yet).
As I said it is a pet project now so I'll post again here once I determine what the optimal settings are.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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