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End of the line for armel?
17-01-2014, 02:13 PM,
End of the line for armel?

Last year bought a Raspberry Pi and have spent some time building it up to be a usable alternative to a WYSE thin client. (This was before I discovered your excellent project.)

My trial works well, providing Active Directory authentication and automatic creation of new users (so users can roam and don't have to remember a local password, also their AD credentials unlock the screensaver), Citrix only for normal users, RDP, SSH etc. for admins.

Feedback has been positive and although I only started it as an experiment there is now interest in rolling these devices out to end users. Technically, I'm happy they'll do the job but I'm concerned about the future.

Citrix Receiver needs the armel OS but Raspbian is now armhf only. I understand Debian themselves are moving away from armel and as new hf distros are for armv7 we can't use them either (Citrix does support armhf for v7).

I've considered that even if updates for armel dry up completely it wouldn't matter because I can just use one static image for our needs....but I heard that the Armel image doesn't work on newer Pi's. That would be embarrassing if I bought 100!

Is this anything to worry about? Is there anything we can do about it? How does this affect the future of RPiTC?

Any thoughts appreciated, thanks!

13-05-2014, 11:35 AM,
RE: End of the line for armel?
Armel image works on new PI, and Debian new OS (wheezy stable and Jessie testing) support armel platform, so even if the rpitc team does not update the packages, you can update the RPi boards with the armel packages from the official source Smile

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