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Using Thinclient with Win SBS 2003
24-05-2014, 04:10 PM,
RE: Using Thinclient with Win SBS 2003
No problem. I received a lot of help from others as well when I first started to investigate using Raspberry Pi Thin's nice to give back to the community. Smile

I've locked down all my XP workstations from Internet Access as well (yeah, I still have a few kicking around) behind our Untangle Security Router. Luckily my XP's don't need access to mail so it was easier to lock them down.

Yes the user can minimize the rpi-gui to the taskbar if they need too, but once you install it you will see that it doesn't take up the entire desktop so you can put your browser shortcut to the side so if the rdesktop session is minimized you do not need to minimize the rdp-gui as well.

Like I said, once you get this installed you will get a better sense of how things will look for your users.

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