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Using Thinclient with Win SBS 2003
28-05-2014, 08:33 PM,
RE: Using Thinclient with Win SBS 2003
Hi, Charles!

I finally had the chance to sit down today and get this going. It was a long holiday weekend here, and I had a bunch of catching up to do. I think I installed it right...i see the nice looking log in screen when I rebooted the PI.

However, I think I may have done something wrong...maybe I didn't.

In the part where you said

Quote:Now go here and download the zip file for rdp-gui. I did the download and transfer of files from a Windows PC to my Raspberry Pi via winscp.

Unzip it and transfer all files to your /home/rpitc/ folder. I created a tmp folder and dumped them all there.

Now login to your pi thin client and open the terminal (or if you are still on Windows with the transfer of these files, open putty and do the following) and navigate to where you transferred the files too. Copy all the files to the /usr/bin/ folder:

sudo cp rdp* /usr/bin/
sudo cp *.png /usr/bin/

The above commands will copy all the important bits to the /usr/bin folder.

I downloaded the zip on my windows PC - then I unzipped and put in a folder on a flash drive. Next, I plugged the flash into the pi and copied to a folder in /home/rpitc/ and labeled the folder "tmp".

Next, I just copied the same files and just pasted on my own into /usr/bin/ and it said a lot of the files already existed, so I just replaced with the new ones (was that okay?)

I tried the commands

sudo cp rdp* /usr/bin/
sudo cp *.png /usr/bin/

And it did not work...was I supposed to insert the name of the "tmp" folder there? I know, I am pretty linux...I can follow tutorials and such, but I am really unfamiliar with anything not very

Also, in the part where you said to edit the rdpgui.ini - I did that, and made changes that reflect using rdesktop. So, mine is as follows... (not real info BTW and I added noted for you)

RDPBinary = rdesktop
RDPDomain = PStevens (name of the domain that the workstations connect to, correct?)
RDPServer = (I only have to put the static IP address of the server here correct?)
RDPDomainFlags = "-d"
RDPServerFlags = ""
RDPUserFlags = "-u"
RDPPasswordFlags = "-p"
RDPDefaulfFlags = "-x l -f"
RDPExtraFlags = "-z"

I guess that is about all. Now, if I didn't mess up the copying of files, I should be ready to test, correct? Thank you again, so much! I really do appreciate your assistance. Very awesome!

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