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Using Thinclient with Win SBS 2003
01-07-2014, 02:13 AM,
RE: Using Thinclient with Win SBS 2003
(30-06-2014, 11:22 PM)greavette Wrote: Hi Dennis,

Ok, let's get this working if we can...

The RDPGui.ini you are using looks good to me. You can either use a DNS name like I do or an IP like you have...either is fine.

Let's make sure it's not something else that's wrong here by first connecting without the RDPGui. From your terminal in your Raspberry Pi can you connect via rdesktop with the terminal commands like so:

rdesktop -z -d lpain -u <Userid> -p <Password>

Where lpain is your domain, <Userid> is the id you login with and <Password> is the password for userid.

If that works then you know it's something with RDPGui. If that doesn't work then you have another issue not related to RDPGui.

For reference, here is my RDPGui.ini file (I've removed some company references, but you get the gist):

RDPBinary = rdesktop
RDPDomain = mydomain1
RDPServer = server1
RDPDomainFlags = "-d"
RDPServerFlags = ""
RDPUserFlags = "-u"
RDPPasswordFlags = "-p"
RDPDefaulfFlags = "-x l -f"
RDPExtraFlags = "-z"

Let me know how your test goes.

BTW Dennis, I don't want you losing your job over this if it doesn't work at first. I would suggest you have something you can go too if things fall apart. Always good to have a backup plan. I always keep a couple of old windows computers hanging around if need be where I can quickly drop it in and get things going for the interim while I work out the solution. Not sure if you have that at your disposal but I like having something in my back pocket just in case.

Thank you...that cleared a few things up. I will be back at that client office tomorrow about 10:00 or 11:00 AM (EST). I am reformatting the card...I think I messed everything up. I will try the test with just rdesktop. BTW, do I include the "< >" when entering values? Sorry, newbie question. So, if I am correct, I will open a LX termininal on the thin client and enter this:

rdesktop -z -d lpain -u dennis -p mapleleaf

Where "dennis"" is the username and "mapleleaf" is the password. The domain is "lpain" and the ip address is ""


By chance, if it will not connect, what might be the reason? All the windows desktop PC's connect just I using the wrong domain maybe? So confusing!

Thank you again for everything!!! You are awesome my friend!

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